Sing Loud

Most known for his work as WESTBOUND TRAIN vocalist, Obi Fernandez took some time off to record his solo material, and we’re stoked to share it with you! Released as one free song per week, for the entire month of April, the “Seaside Session” demos are a new representation of his previous endeavors mixed with a grassroots feel for soul and storytelling.

“The new music is a combination of things that I love and I’m inspired by. I’ve always admired great story tellers like Kerouac and Dylan. When I wrote songs for Westbound Train I always tried to incorporate that story element into what we were doing. Obviously, with Westbound we were doing something very specific and niche. With these new songs I get to go places I’ve never gone before on record. I get to think outside of a specific genre and use more sounds and colors that allow me to really set the vibe that best lends itself to the story. Soul music, for me, has always played a huge part in expressing the story. I’ve been infatuated and in love with it ever since I was a little kid. From day one it went against the grain. One moment it could be rough and gritty and the next slick and sultry. I think that it’s something I’ll always lean on regardless of what I’m writing for. With this record, I think you can expect to hear my influences, you’ll definitely see a different side of me, and I hope these songs can grow to be a part of your everyday life — maybe even some small glimpse or a small piece in a chapter of your own story.”